How to propose with a moissanite ring

One very important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot propose with a moissanite the same way you would with a diamond ring. Diamonds are the norm and expected, and if your potential fiance isn’t aware that it’s a moissanite, they could get let down. This is a decision that must be made together!

An unhappy surprise

Consider this woman’s story:

My fiance just recently proposed at his sisters wedding reception (our 1 year anniversary). We went shopping for rings 6 months prior to this, and he got me the exact setting that I wanted…but it’s a fake diamond. The ring has side stones, which are real diamonds, and they are more prettier than the center moissanite. I thought it was a fake because I knew we didn’t have the money for him to buy it, and the color is not great. The day after he proposed he told me it was a fake, and I was truly hurt. He told me later on after we get married that we could upgrade the stone to a real diamond. I’m really hurt by his selection and told him I was a little offended. He was really upset because he thinks the ring is spectacular. No further discussions have been brought up by either of us… he broke down crying when I told him I was disappointed. I feel that your engagement ring should be something that the girl likes, and the guy shouldn’t go the cheap way because it should be worn for the rest of your life. Any advice on how I can change my ring? I know I’m not marrying the ring, and I do love him very much, I however think I deserve something I like.

You must prepare her!

If you’re thinking about proposing with a moissanite engagement ring, you must talk to you fiance before do it. I’m not saying let her know after you propose – you must do it beforehand! Yes, this could take away some of the surprise and romance, but not doing so could be perceived as deceptive and start your marriage off rocky.

To avoid spoiling the surprise try casually dropping it in conversation somehow. Mention a friend you know that just got engaged to with a diamond alternative. What does she think about that? If you get the conversation flowing about this without giving the hint that a proposal is coming then you can still keep the excitement!

A happier ending

Check out this woman’s perspective which ended a lot better because she was involved in the decision process:

My engagement ring cost $375 – guess how I feel? Ecstatic! My fiancee ordered me a custom ring off Etsy that is my absolute dream (in fact, we picked it out together) and the best part is the seller gave me a great deal and it was only $375 including tax and shipping! I’m sure it’s more than some people spend, but it’s way way less than most people spend, and I find myself wondering why on earth anyone forks over several thousand for a diamond when, in my humble opinion, my ring is just as beautiful if not more, and hand-made to boot. (For anyone wondering, it’s a .5 carat moissanite in a simple bezel setting.) I just had to tell someone because I am just bursting with happiness. : )

So remember – talk to her before you purchase a moissanite ring!

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