Where to buy a moissanite ring

You have two main options when purchasing a moissanite engagement ring: online and retail.


A quick google search will reveal many places to buy online (Moissanite.com or MoissaniteCo come to mind). Here you’ll find the most selection – many different sizes, shapes, and settings. Prices are pretty competitive too. But unless you’ve seen a moissanite stone in person it’s hard to commit to buying online until you’re convinced it’s what you want.

Moissanite on Amazon


Another great source of moissanite online is Amazon. Not only do they have a huge selection at competitive prices, but all their rings have lots of customer reviews you can read to make sure you’re getting a good stone (plus lots of their jewelry has free shipping).


Going to a retail store is the only way you’ll truly get a feel for how beautiful moissanite really is. Since moissanite is not the norm, you need to be confident that you like the look, feel, and sparkle in addition to the cost. The best way to do this is to hold one in your hand, in person.

Unfortunately there aren’t that many retail stores that carry moissanite. I live in San Diego, and I had to call 5 different places before I found one that carried moissanite in store. Then when I went there I was disappointed in the location and general feel of the store – since it caters to low-budget people it was not as glamorous as walking into a Tiffany’s. I worried about taking my fiance there to pick one out. It’s frustrating moissanite isn’t widely accepted yet!

I’ve come to learn these places typically carry some moissanite, but please call around to check your local location first!

  • JCPenny’s
  • Zales
  • Daniel’s Jewelers

If you search and are not able to find a retail location but still want to see a stone in person, you can always order a loose stone from moissaniteco.com and if you don’t like it, simply return it.

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