Benefits of moissanite

It’s surprising that diamonds are more popular even though moissanite has a lot of advantages. Here are just some of the benefits of moissanite.

Less expensive

Moissanite’s value is not over inflated by some monopolistic cartel (ahem, DeBeers). Instead you get what you pay for. Check out this chart showing difference prices of moissanite versus diamonds at different carats. It’s easy to see that you get more bang for your buck. Do you think your fiance would want a 1.25 carat stone or a 0.25 carat stone, given that you can’t tell the difference.

Diamond Moissanite
0.25 carat $390 $60
0.50 carat $1,200 $95
0.75 carat $2,900 $200
1.00 carat $4,800 $275
1.25 carat $7,900 $350
1.50 carat $11,100 $460
1.75 carat $18,900 $535
2.00 carat $21,000 $610

Note: These prices are based on a diamond of color H and clarity SI1, which is worse than the flawless look of a moissanite.

Keep in mind that engagement rings are supposed to have sentimental value, not money value. It’s the first action of your marriage. And with so many marriages ending in divorce due to money problems, it doesn’t make sense to start our your married life in debt on an engagement ring. Besides, with the money you save you can afford to get a better setting, which does have precious metal value that will hold up over time.

More sparkle

We’ve talked about how moissanite has better fire and brilliance than a diamond. Most people can’t comprehend what this means until you look at one in person. Check out this video of someone showing the refractions in her moissanite engagement ring (try to ignore the gaudy nail polish).

With more sparkle catching people’s eyes, your bride will get the ravishing attention she deserves.

Clear conscience

Don’t forget that a moissanite gem is created in a laboratory, and rarely found in nature. This means you can rest assured knowing that the money you spent on it is not going to fund a war, or support slave labor. Who wants their fiance to always wear a ring that could symbolize oppression in third world countries?

Additionally you don’t have to feel like you’ve been had by the diamond cartel. Knowing that you paid for something just because a company flooded the world with unrelenting advertising makes you feel like you’ve been had. It’s like paying $12.50 for popcorn at the movie theater, knowing you can get it from the supermarket for a quarter, except on a much larger scale!

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